Campus Resource Room: Bro Do You Even Thrift?
Nelson Hall is one of the oldest buildings on campus. Photo courtesy of Dalen Dahl.

Campus Resource Room: Bro Do You Even Thrift?

One person’s trash could be another person’s treasure with the the  upcoming resource sharing room in Nelson Hall where students can drop off unwanted items and pick up other items for free.

The concept of a resource sharing room is similar to the way a thrift store works, except the items in the resource room will be free to students. There are no profits involved, except the environmental capital gained from preventing items from entering landfills.

The resource sharing room is being created by the Office of Sustainability.

When asked how a sharing room was tied to sustainability, Jenessa Gilarski the communication specialist for the Office of Sustainability said, “Basically it is kind of like the idea of reduce reuse recycle. Reusing items instead of buying something new will cut down on waste.”

Instead of purchasing new items, which can potentially have heavy resource inputs, students who utilize the resource sharing room will cut down on resource extraction since they are giving a second life to items.

The resource sharing room aims to cut down on the amount of waste going into landfills. At the end of each academic year, students moving out of the residence halls throw out clothing, furniture, and lights which could be reused by others.

The front entrance of Nelson Hall. Photo courtesy of Dalen Dahl.

The front entrance of Nelson Hall. Photo courtesy of Dalen Dahl.

The Office of Sustainability has plans to collect items from students moving out of residence halls at the end of this semester to start stocking the resource room with goods.

The idea of the resource room came from a survey which was sent out to multiple student organizations.

In the survey, organizations were asked what they thought the best use of the extra space in Nelson hall would be. Options varied from an extra study space to the chance to have an upcycle room.

Gilarski said, the idea to offer the room for common use was because the Office of Sustainability wanted to provide a service to students. Since the Office of Sustainability is an administrative section of campus, the staff was looking for a way to involve and engage with students.

While the room has no official name yet, another survey was sent out to multiple student organizations for naming ideas. The official name for the resource sharing room will most likely be announced the week of April 10.


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