Pride Week Set to Shine Bright and Proud
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Pride Week Set to Shine Bright and Proud

April 10 was the start of pride week and, for some students, the start of movies, prom and much more.

On Monday night, in partnership with the Black Student Union and Centertainment, the Oscar winning movie Moonlight was shown to a nearly full house in the Dreyfus University Center.

Moonlight is extra special to students because there is rarely a mainstream movie featuring a protagonist who is both LGBT and a person of color, even rarer for it to win best picture at the academy awards.

Pride week is an annual series of events put on by the Gender and Sexuality Alliance. Because there are always new board members, each year has it’s own unique charm.

To put an emphasis on transgender issues, this year’s theme of pride week is “Alec in Genderland.”

This theme will focus on informing students about what being transgender means and clearing up misconceptions.

Lex Blaschke, junior international studies and communications major, is on the board of the Gender and Sexuality Alliance and is putting on Tuesday’s event, Trans Tea & Cookies.

“Trans Tea & Cookies is a time for people not necessarily a part of the trans community to ask questions about what it really means to be transgender. We will also be talking about different issues facing trans students in the world today,” said Blaschke.

Wednesday is Bi-ing time.

Bi-ing time is essentially a knoc- off version of a singles auction. Students of all identies are able to sell their time to the highest bidder.

Kade Johanning, junior web & digital media design major, is arranging Thursday’s event, pride prom.

Pride prom is a dance night that could be potentially more inclusive than what was held at some high schools.

Johanning said, “People can come of any sexuality, people can come wearing any outfit, and people can come with any date they would like.”

Pride prom will include drinks, snacks and everything else to recreate the prom experience.

Friday night is the finale of the week.

Both Alan Bustamante, senior history and international studies major, and Griffin Morrison, sophomore English major, are organizing this year’s pride show.

Formerly, this show was exclusively a drag show but, in the sake of inclusivity, it will be open to all talents as well as drag.

“The pride show is a great way for us all to show off our talents and to express oneself,” said Morrison.

Some in the queer community find the concept of drag to be problematic.

“Drag practices are great but they often come as having drag queens and transwomen lumped together as the same thing,” said Blaschke, “Not all drag performers are transwomen and not all transwomen dress in drag.”

It’s not that drag performers are being discriminatory, but the concept at large can come across as misleading to outside viewers who otherwise wouldn’t be aware of the difference.

All events for this year’s pride week begin at 7:00 p.m. in the Dreyfus University Center and students of all identities are invited.



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