Dive into the Cinematic Experience
Students swimming while watching the Little Mermaid. Photo by Nomin Erdenebileg

Dive into the Cinematic Experience

Attending the movies is an exciting experience that transports viewers into new worlds. That experience was heightened Friday night by putting viewers neck-deep into a movie.

Centertainment Productions hosted a dive-in movie on April 14 with a pool showing of Disney’s The Little Mermaid at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point’s Aquatic Center.

Charity Hentges, late night program coordinator for Centertainment, ran the show Friday night.

“The dive-in movie is for students to come have fun and participate and swim in the aquatics center while watching a movie,” Hentges said.

With a screen set up poolside, attendees were invited to don their swim suits and inflate their floats to enjoy the animated classic from Ariel’s point of view.

Splashing and swimming accompanied chatter and singing along to the music in an air of childlike fun.

“I didn’t know it was going to be swimming and a movie together,” Keenan Pulz, senior hydrology major said. “But the two together is a good combo.”

While this event came at a perfect time for Wisconsinites who are itching for summer after a long winter, dive-in movies used to be given on campus regularly by the Health Enhancement Center.

UWSP students enjoying their swim. Photo by Nomin Erdenebileg

UWSP students enjoying their swim. Photo by Nomin Erdenebileg

Hentges explained that this was the first time Centertainment had partnered with the HEC for a dive-in movie.

“I was happy and excited to jump at the opportunity to work with the HEC to put this on,” Hentges said.

In addition to a unique way of enjoying an aquatic-themed movie, Centertainment added more fun to the night.

Before the movie splashed off, a drawing was held to give away three door prizes.

Though Centertainment and the HEC provided ring floats for attendees to use, the giveaway brought some sea life to the pool in the form of inflatable pool floats as prizes, including a turtle, a clam and a lobster.

Of course, no movie is complete without snacks which were not forgotten at the dive-in.

“I thought the event was awesome,” Pulz said. “I think it’s a cool theme and a cool event to have a movie and swimming. I’m a senior, but I’ve never been in the pool at all.”

Though no more dive-in movies are planned for the remainder of the semester, Hentges hopes the event will be continued in the future.

“I would really love to see this happen again,” Hentges said. “I think it’s a unique way to bring students together.”


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