Put Your Middle School Recorder To Use
Oscar C. Noetzel jamming out with some friends. Photo provided by Oscar C Noetzel

Put Your Middle School Recorder To Use

Centertainment’s first ever jam session invites musicians of all instruments to collaborate with others for a casual night of musical improvisation. Bringing any instrument such as a ukulele, harmonica, guitar, piano, accordion, cajon, recorder or didgeridoo is encouraged.

Bridget Pintz, senior arts management major and alternative sounds coordinator for Centertainment, created the event to provide a space where musicians with a central love for music can come together.

In contrast to open mic, the jam session is a casual event without a structure where students bring their own instrument to play without the pressure of a performance.

Aside from having instruments, the most crucial aspect for this event to run well is to have people show up.

“Anyone has the capability to play music,” Pintz said. “You never know if you do until you try.”

Armchair Boogie performing. Photo provided by Ben Majeska

Armchair Boogie performing. Photo provided by Ben Majeska

Pintz hopes a lot of people show up who play a variety of instruments. However, those with untapped musical talent are also invited to potentially learn a new instrument or hidden talent.

Pintz mentioned the benefit of attending the jam session for those that typically keep their music to themselves.

“You only have yourself to compare to, so come to compare to others and improve skills,” Pintz said.

Some students plan to step out of their comfort zone by attending the jam session.

Erin Bagatta, junior communications major plays the guitar, piano, ukulele and sings. Bagatta and her roommate often jam together, but attending this event will help them come out of their shells musically.

One of the benefits Bagatta mentioned about the jam session is the opportunity to learn from those that have a higher skill-level than her and to be able to teach those that are just beginning.

“I think it’ll be great to meet new people that share an interest of music, people with different skill-levels,” Bagatta said.

This will be Bagatta’s first time jamming casually with strangers. She anticipates meeting new people and learning about their instruments. If there are new instruments, she may even take the opportunity to learn something new.

The jam session will be on April 27 at 8 p.m. in the Encore, a space for artists with common ground to meet, bond and build friendships.


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