The Gray Area of Intramurals
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The Gray Area of Intramurals

On March 5, two soccer intramural teams, The Exotics and Bye Week, were scheduled to compete against one another in the block 3 championships.

Kelsey Schneider, junior and a member of Bye Week, had work obligations and was forced to show up late to the game.

According to Kenny Cyracus, junior and Intramurals and Outdoor Rentals Head Official, each intramural soccer team is required to have at least two females and two males at any given game.

If a team member is running late and causes their team to not meet this requirement, the team can still compete if their competition agrees to let them start the game with one less player.

Schneider arrived at the game after the 5-minute grace period ended. The Exotics had not agreed to let her team play without her.

“Since it was a championship game we gave the team that had the full team there, an option to still play the game or take the win automatically,” Cyracus said.

Since the grace period had ended, The Exotics decided to take the win instead of competing against Bye Week.

“Why not prove yourself that you’re the best team instead of taking the forfeit,” Schneider said.

Cyracus said that The Exotics’ decision to take the win was fair based on intramural rules.

Later, Cyracus admitted that if he had been in The Exotic’s position he would have played the game, but he understands why they chose to take the win.

Logan Webster, sophomore and member of The Exotics, said that the team had waited a considerable amount of time for Schneider to show up.

“I feel like we definitely handled it fairly, if they did the same thing to us we would probably wouldn’t be so happy about it, but it wasn’t a big deal. It was intramural soccer,” Webster said.

Despite this, Webster believes that the rule requiring teams to have at least two men and two women present is not necessary.

Though it can sometimes cause teams to have to forfeit, Cyracus said that co-ed leagues typically require a certain number of team members from each gender to participate.

“I definitely have the power to change the rules, but for the most part rules are set in stone and have been here already,” Cyracus said.

This month intramural teams will continue to compete in block 4, the final block of the academic year.


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