Another Successful Year of Trivia
The Trivia parade in Lot Q. Photo by Ashley Panka

Another Successful Year of Trivia

On April 21, 22 and 23 the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point’s college radio station, 90FM,  hosted another successful year of the world’s largest trivia contest, Trivia 48: The Royalty of Contests.

The team named Festivus for the Rest of Us took first place for the second year in a row with 19,360 points. Dad’s Computers: PC control and Trivial Fursuit: Furple Reign placed second and third, with 19,215 and 15,830 points, respectively.

Jim Oliva, coordinator for Trivia and best known for his radio name, The Oz, has worked hard at 90FM to put on Trivia for 39 years and knows better than anyone the amount of work and finesse that goes into putting on such an event.

The 90FM volunteers and staff. Photo by Ashley Panka

The 90FM volunteers and staff. Photo by Ashley Panka

“There’re tricks to it,” he said while discussing DJing, “You have to pick out the right music and be able to do the talk-overs correctly.”

Mitch De Santis, a UWSP graduate and former 90FM employee, said “It’s a lot of work, it’s a lot of stress, it’s a very busy weekend, but it’s a very fun weekend. I’ve met some of the best friends I’ve ever made in college on that weekend.”

This year De Santis gets to experience Trivia from the perspective of a player.

He said, “From my point of view now, it’s no stress at all.”

Eli Frieders, also a UWSP graduate and former 90FM staff member, played on a team this year called Suge Knights of the Round Table with De Santis and 15-25 other students and former students who were mostly former 90FM staff or volunteers.

Frieders said Trivia was practically a family reunion to him, since it’s a time of the year when many people who have moved away come back to Stevens Point for a weekend.

“I like how Trivia brings people together. Knowing that I’d be able to do this with all my friends from college made working the contest for those three years worth it.” Frieders said.

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