Yogis Find their Center for Beer
Beer and Yoga event at O'so Brewery. Photo by Anne Morgan

Yogis Find their Center for Beer

On Saturday, April 29, students and community members gathered at O’so Brewing Company to practice yoga and enjoy a refreshing beer.

The beer and yoga event was organized by yoga instructor, Renee Cathryn.

Cathryn owns her own yoga studio in Stevens Point called Yoga with Renee Cathryn.

Cathryn earned her instructor certification this summer in Appleton, which is where she got inspired to organize a beer and yoga event.

According to Cathryn, in Appleton, there were many beer and yoga events at breweries. When she returned to Stevens Point, she decided to contact local breweries to see if they were interested in hosting a beer and yoga event.

Beer and Yoga event at O'so Brewery. Photo by Anne Morgan

Beer and Yoga event at O’so Brewery. Photo by Anne Morgan

O’so Brewing Company liked Cathryn’s idea and allowed her to organize the event there.

About 40 people signed up for the hour-long yoga class, which included a complimentary beer afterward. The cost of the event was $10 per person.

Cathryn instructed the class, guiding the attendees through a series of poses and helping them be mindful of their breathing. One of Cathryn’s favorite poses to relax in is child’s pose.

She believes yoga is beneficial for practicing relaxation and stress management.

“Yoga is there to help you find different ways to tap into your breath,” Cathryn said.

Due to the popularity of this event, Cathryn will be organizing another beer and yoga event in mid-June.

Gina Martin, an instructor at Yoga with Renee Cathryn, graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point in 2016.

Martin attended the event on Saturday and was excited to practice yoga while supporting a local business.

Martin has been to the brewery before and enjoys their unique sour beers. She said that beer and yoga events have become more mainstream, in part, because of the information and photos that are shared about these events on social media.

Martin is passionate about yoga and said that one of her favorite poses is tree pose. Morgan said that she has never regretted teaching or attending any yoga class.

“I just love the feeling after every class ends. You are working hard during it, and it’s such a relaxing and restoring feeling,” Martin said.

Information about Cathryn, Martin or the studio can be found at her website: yogawithreneecathryn.vpweb.com.


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