Humans of Point

Humans of Point

Chelsea Connor is a senior dance major.

Are you a fan of musicals? If so, why or why not?

I am a huge fan of musicals! I actually wasn’t very aware of them before coming to UWSP, but because I am part of the Department of Theatre and Dance I have had so many opportunities to see the musicals here and they have opened up my eyes to musical theater. What I love about them is the ability to draw in an audience’s attention through music and still tell a story with as much depth as a straight play.

Is there a musical that you have seen that has impacted your life in any way and why?

My favorite musical I have seen is Next to Normal. It was performed here at UWSP in the spring of 2014, and I was blown away. As mentioned before, I wasn’t very aware of musicals until coming here to school. So, when I saw this musical I was so impressed by not only the cast and crew but by the story of the show itself. I knew that musicals told stories, but from what I had believed they were more fun and entertaining stories. This show was very different in that it told the story of a troubled family, and it impacted me so much that I was bawling by the end of the show. It really showed me and reminded me that theatre is not just for pure entertainment, but that it has a purpose and is a true art that I wish would be celebrated more for the artistic value rather than the entertainment value.

If you had to pick one musical to see live that you haven’t yet, which would you see and why?

Just like many people right now, I would really like to see Hamilton. I was very late in the game in listening to the soundtrack, but my roommate Victoria and I have been jamming out to it non-stop for at least the past week. Other than that, I would also really like to see the musical Finding Neverland. I watched the film version about a year ago and really enjoyed the story and I am really interested to see what the stage production is like.

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