College Should Make You Cry
Graduating Senior, Samantha Bradley. Photo provided by Samantha Bradley

College Should Make You Cry

The other day, my roommate and I were walking past groups of touring children in blaze orange t-shirts. They looked excited and energized about walking with the cool college students and we couldn’t help mumbling dismissively about them.

How dare these kids in blaze orange lollygag around, we had places to be and things to do.

Then we realized with amusement, we used to be those kids.

It’s funny to think about that, about life before college, because the thing is, I don’t feel a day older than I did four years ago.

Me change? Never.

But as I pack and prepare to move out of my house, I can’t help but realize how much I’ve evolved over the last four years.

So what, I’ve changed. Everyone changes right?

There is no way in heck I wanted those to be my last words to our readership.

So I sat down to write my last article for The Pointer, hoping that the words would magically appear.

I tried to think of an extremely witty remark to share with the younger generation. Something that I could warn them about, something I would change it if I could go back.

But then this overly cliché thing happened. I realized I didn’t want to change anything.

With that, I want my last words to be this: College is supposed to make you cry.

It’s about running through the rain to feed that Belt’s craving when it is 35 degrees.

It’s about waking up early and having a constant stream of classes, meetings and work until you return to your bed, but then partying till 2 a.m. on the weekends when you are already sleep deprived.

It’s about eating noodles and eggs every meal for a week and then binging on cookies the first chance you get.

It’s about meeting friends and losing friends.

It’s about all of those moments that break your heart as well as those moments that leave you breathless from laughter.

It’s about wanting to be done with the late nights and stress, but as soon as you get to the point of  closing the door on this chapter of your life, you won’t want to.

If you’re pushing yourself in the right ways, making sure you are as involved as you can be, having a job to support yourself, and going all out with your class as well as social life: college will make you cry.

And when everything is said and done, you will look back and not want to change a thing.


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