Here’s To You, Little Beer City: My Home
Graduating senior, Anna Schuttenhelm. Photo provided by Anna Schuttenhelm

Here’s To You, Little Beer City: My Home

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point was not my first choice when it came to deciding on colleges and universities my senior year of high school.

At my high school, college decisions were heavily influenced by the students who graduated before you. I knew of less than five people who chose UWSP in the years before me.

When my mom mentioned it to me, I said I would look at it just for her, but my heart was set somewhere else.

As I began getting to know UWSP, I admit it started to grow on me, but it was still not my first choice. 

In the end, I choose UWSP because of financial reasons and thought it probably wont be that bad.

Now, as I near the end of my senior year of college and think back to that time in high school when I almost refused to consider UWSP, I laugh quite a bit.

To think that I barely wanted to go here and now UWSP is my home, is quite humorous.

UWSP has seriously given me the absolute greatest college experience.

Where else can you get an amazing education for such a low price? Where else can you excel in your classes and have time to have a job, or three, and be involved in clubs and organizations?

 UWSP is the perfect university.

As someone who learns and thrives from a busy schedule, I loved every part of UWSP.

My involvements have not only prepared me for my career, but have led me to some of the nicest and greatest friends. The number of amazing memories I have here adds up to more than the number of tiles on the TNR mural.

I will never forget practically living in the Brewhaus, talking with friends and seeing so many familiar faces. I know there will be some Tuesday night in the future where I will wish that I was with my friends at a Brewhaus trivia night or grabbing Belts at 10 p.m.

To think that I will not be able to retreat to Schmeeckle on a beautiful fall day to take a walk around Lake Joanis hurts my heart a bit.

This city is a gem, smacked in the middle of Wisconsin. Nature, excitement and a strong sense of community make this place one-of-a-kind.

A little advice for the young Pointers: do everything.

Get involved in a club, get an on-campus job, go to your classes and, yeah, go out on the weekends. Here you have the opportunity to be a well-balanced and successful student while still having fun.

If I could have two more years here, I would. There is always room for 100 more memories.

So here is to you, little beer city and perfect university. Thank you for everything. You truly have no idea what you mean to me.

Anna Schuttenhelm

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