Post-Grad Pointers

Post-Grad Pointers

It feels nice to be writing for The Pointer one last time!

After graduating in December, I have been working as the events coordinator at a nature reserve in the Driftless area of Wisconsin. In my spare time, now that I have spare time post-graduation, I also am a content writer for a web design company.

Writing about college is making me all kinds of nostalgic because it really was the best of times. The stress of classes, the friendships, the relationships, and the opportunities I was given at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point undoubtedly made me who I am today.

The clubs, spring break trips, and the connections were some of the best parts of life so far.

I am so happy that I took trips through Adventure Club, protested with 350 Club, and especially wrote for The Pointer. These organizations, among others, fostered my passion for environmental studies and sustainability, and made me employable with the killer experience.

On the flip side, the breakdowns from too much homework, the calls to my mom when I needed help, and the realization of how to stand up for myself all came with the territory of college.

The good has to be taken with the bad. Otherwise, how can we appreciate the good stuff?

If I had any advice for students, I would so so so recommend investing your time, however little free time you may have, in making experiences.

Looking back, I didn’t focus on the midterms or the deadlines or my GPA. I think of the places I got to go, the people who went with me, and the way both shaped me into the person I’m proud to be.

The writing job I have now came from meeting a web editor on a school backpacking trip. A huge amount of my professional skills came from working at The Pointer. And most of my good friends have been a beautiful byproduct of stepping out of my comfort zone the past four years.

Invest your time in experiences, because getting out and experiencing what you love makes you a force of nature.


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