No Need to Fear, the University is Here
The department of Geography and Geology. Photo courtesy of Dalen Dahl.

No Need to Fear, the University is Here

As of June 30, 2018, the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point will no longer be carrying the Geography and Geology Department.

UWSP has embarked on a new journey regarding losing and gaining majors for the ever growing needs of students here on campus.

Enrollment in the last four years has decreased 15 percent. In the 10 county high school regions surrounding Stevens Point, about 1,700 fewer students have graduated than the past five years.

Furthermore, in 2011 the graduation rate was in the low 20 percentiles and has raised to around 35 percent.

These high graduation rates, in combination with low enrollment rates have played a significant part in Stevens Point’s declining enrollment.

Greg Summers, Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, said, “We have to adjust, we have begun what I think will be a very comprehensive review in academic affairs of all of our programs, all of our majors and the options within those majors, and we’re adding the organizational structure of how we organize in the departments and units around campus to that review, and I think there will be some substantial changes.”

“I’m a geoscientist” sign found on a door near the geography and geology department. Photo courtesy of Dalen Dahl.

Students and staff around campus, both part of the Geography and Geology department as well as other departments, may be

feeling anxious about whether the future could possibly affect them too.

Provost Summers continued to explain that there is a larger conversation happening about other departments and majors within the University and that only time can help check out the options.

In a recent email sent to all students, Provost Summers ensured that, “if we do decide to discontinue offering a major, any student currently enrolled in the program will be able to complete it and graduate.”

“We have not made any further decisions about the curriculum or about personnel within those departments,” Provost said.

Any questions regarding Geography and Geology or any other department, should be directed towards Student Government Association, as well as Provost Greg Summers, who is open to help with further questions.

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