University Tops Rankings In Green Honor Roll
Solar powered lunch tables outside of the DUC. Photo courtesy of Dalen Dahl.

University Tops Rankings In Green Honor Roll

With bike racks found around every corner and students able to make their own compost pile, it is no surprise the university could be labeled environmentally friendly. However, the college has managed to take it a step further. The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point received a rating of 99, the highest possible from The Princeton Review Green College Honor Roll of 2018.

The Princeton Review Green College is a measurable scale on how environmentally aware a school may be and how prepared a school may be. The ranking ranges from scores of 60-99, awarding the top 24 schools to The Princeton Review College Honor Roll.

According to The Princeton Review, the universities are scored on the following criteria: the quality of life pertaining to the universities’ students in regard to health and sustainability, preparation for students in the “clean energy economy,” whether they make them aware of current environmental concerns, and the environmental impact of the school policies.

In addition to these concepts, each of the 629 universities answered a series of questions in regard to sustainability, food expenditures, travel and housing options, waste, energy consumption and many other topics.

UWSP manages to excel in many of these topics. For example, there is access to bike racks throughout the campus, encouraging the use of bikes as the main mode of transportation. In addition, not only does the university have environmental-focused majors and minors, but is also home to a sustainability club.

Even with such success, there are still improvements that could be made.

Dave Barbier, the Sustainability Director, said, “I see the PGR honor roll rating as a comparison to how we are doing against our other peer institutions of Higher Education and putting us as one of the best in the country. I don’t interpret the rating as saying we’re perfect, simply that, according to how they rate the institutions, we are exceeding expectations.”

The director suggests every area has the ability to be improved. And while some may say it is impossible to reach perfection, the university will try its hardest to obtain it.


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