Fall Research Symposium at Riveredge Nature Center

Riveredge Nature Center will be hosting their fifth annual student research symposium on Nov. 4.

Any student who attends a Wisconsin university, either as a graduate or undergraduate student, is eligible to present their scientific research. They can be from just about any field of study, be it ecology, forestry or anthropology.

“We’ve tried to open it up to as many sciences as possible,” said Mandie Zopp, director of research and conservation at Riveredge.

Presenters will have the option to give either an oral or a poster presentation.

Winners and runners up will be selected and given monetary prizes ranging from $100 to $500. The award amount will depend on the type of presentation given, whether the student is a graduate or undergraduate student, and whether the student receives first or second place.

Zopp said she is expecting around 25 to 30 presenters this year, with about an equal split between poster and oral presentations.

For some students, this will not be the first time presenting at Riveredge Nature Center.

“We’ve had several graduate students come multiple times; we have a lot of the same professors bring their students,” said Zopp.

Fall research symposiums are not as common as those that take place in spring. Zopp explained that Riveredge wanted to give more students a chance to show their work.

Zopp said, “One of the reasons we did a fall symposium is because there are so many other symposiums in the spring, when students are graduating. A lot of students who end up graduating in December don’t necessarily have the opportunity to present in the spring.”

A total of 18 University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point students have presented in the past, and some have won awards. The award winners include Rebecca Kelble, Michelle Willis, Jacob Shurba and Hunter Gosha.

In addition to hosting an annual research symposium, Riveredge Nature Center offers other opportunities for students to be involved in scientific research by offering a variety of internships throughout the year.

Anybody who wishes to present, but missed the Oct. 1 deadline, may contact Zopp at mzopp@riveredge.us.

Connor Schoelzel

Environment Section Editor


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