Resturant review of Wicked Willow LLC

Resturant review of Wicked Willow LLC

To tell you the truth, I was a little nervous when I was asked to try vegan food. I knew a little bit about veganism but not really enough to see what the food was like and I never really thought I’d enjoy the food.

The restaurant Wicked Willow LLC is nestled in the downtown area of Stevens Point. Inside, you can dine with a great view of Main Street.

We stepped into the restaurant and looked around at all the different colors of the willow tree on the wall. “Sit wherever you’d like,” our waitress said.

Our chairs looked like what I’d find in my Great-Aunt Betty’s house, very retro. It was neat to see these old designs out of the ’60s and ’70s on the upholstery of the chairs. The tables also had retro looks with some having aluminum edges and a pearly shine to them.

All of the furniture, dishware and décor are sourced from resale markets, which would make Betty proud.

Their dishes are made from fresh organic produce bought locally which only enhances the quality more.

Our waitress started off by asking us if it was our first time eating at Wicked Willow, and when we both quietly nodded our heads yes, she informed us all of the menu items were vegan.

Starting with drinks, we ordered sodas and water. I ordered a lemon-lime soda, and Ashley ordered a black cherry cream soda. The soft drinks are organic and made with stevia.

The mac n “cheese” was organic pasta with creamy cashew cheese sauce. She picked broccoli and crispy vegan bacon crumbles to mix in. The waitress said the bacon crumbles were made from a soy protein. It tasted like a healthy twist on traditional mac, but still good for the heart and soul.

That’s right Wisconsinites, vegan cheese is just as good as regular cheese. Spoken from a cheese snob, this substitute was pretty good. It was also great on top of my goulash. In addition, the little pieces of beefless ground had the texture and taste of ground hamburger.

We finished our meal with a cinnamon roll for dessert. It was perfectly doughy and covered in a delicious glaze frosting. The roll was rather large so we shared it and I all but licked the plate clean of frosting.

The restaurant is great for anybody looking to try out a vegan meal or if you are vegan, it is definitely a great place to get food. The only thing that could’ve topped the experience was if there was some catchy indie and alternative music playing in the restaurant.

If you want to try something new, then go check out Wicked Willow LLC, they serve wicked awesome food.

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