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inTents is a University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point student organization which has just begun this semester. The organization focuses on taking members on camping trips within the Wisconsin region.

On their SPIN page, the group describes themselves as, “an organization that caters to the UWSP students who are nature enthusiasts, camping enthusiasts, and want to help those to excel in their camping skills by providing an experience for them to progress in a camping setting.”

Timothy Bertz, senior youth programming and camp management major and president and founder of inTents, said that the organization is geared towards all levels of campers.

“We are trying to give the opportunity to people, get them exposed to camping and what it’s like to camp. I guess you could say its like a stepping stone into the camping world,” said Bertz.

Being outdoors can be unpredictable, for this reason the club requires that a safety officer with first aid training attend each outing, to prepare for potential accidents. inTents sponsors sophomores and freshman who wish to complete a first aid certification course, as long as they commit to two year membership to the club.

Bertz said that the idea for the club was first conceived on the bus ride to a class field trip. He said that during the bus ride he kept thinking about how much he wanted to go camping despite being too busy with school responsibilities.

Bertz said this lead him to think, “you know I should make an organization so I can actually fit it into my schedule and start planning it and like see if other people want to go camping.” Together, Bertz and a group of friends brainstormed the club during the bus ride. He said that by the time they arrived they had already written the organization’s constitution.

In the future, Bertz said the inTents wants to partner with companies that sell camping gear, such as Patagonia and North Face. Bertz has already reached out to several companies in hopes that the club can field test their equipment.

Bertz said that the organization has already received a great deal of support and interest and that new members are welcome. “We definitely have a lot of room. We are looking for people who just love to go camping,” said Bertz. The club holds weekly meetings at 5pm in the College of Professional Studies room 229.

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