PABS: Bikes, Beer and Everything in Between
PABS services and sells bikes as well as skateboards. Photo courtesy of Dalen Dahl.

PABS: Bikes, Beer and Everything in Between

Point Area Bicycle Shop is shifting gears this season, providing unique entertainment and fun-filled events to participate in.

Their inviting and trendy atmosphere, complete with a beer bar for those 21 or older, proves this no ordinary bike shop.

“It’s something different,” said John Pawlak, owner of PABS. “I like bringing new stuff to the table for people to try out.”

One of PABS upcoming events is a Goldsprint called “Going Nowhere Fast” which will take place in the month of October. A Goldsprint is a type of stationary bike race meant for social gatherings, where competitors pedal as fast as they can and spectators are able to watch them compete. Pawlak believes he’ll have an initial time trial, then pair up racers with similar times so that anyone can give it a spin.

“Going Nowhere Fast” Goldsprint races will be held throughout the season as a series. For five dollars, riders can enter and compete. One of those dollars will be put towards the “season pot” of money for the competitors who participate consistently in the series, and the other four dollars will go towards the “nightly pot” for that evenings winner.

The Goldsprints to-be-determined dates are estimated to be held either weekly or bi-weekly and will be “easy to find” either on PABS Facebook or website homepage.

On Nov. 3 at 8 p.m. the bike shop will be throwing “Punk rock at PABS!” Bands will perform on their stage area, which is complete with “incredible sound work” and lights. Cover charges for bands and performances will be anywhere from two to five dollars.

John Larsen, senior dietetics major, said, “I think I’ll have to check it out. I’ve never been to PABS, but it sounds like a lot of fun.”

Other artists will be performing at PABS throughout the winter months. Pawlak says these shows are different from others because performers play only their original music, no covers.

“It really shows what our arts culture has to offer,” said Pawlak. “These original songs are great. For people to have an audience to share that with is pretty special.”

With a passion and appreciation not just for bikes but for the arts and local culture, Pawlak’s hope for the future is a uniting vision. He explained the idea of a “Culture Shop.” A place where “the community can really turn it into whatever they want.”

This concept was inspired by a co-worker of Pawlak’s ho died. Pawlak remembers him talking about a place that wasn’t just a bike shop, bar or gaming area, but all things combined.

“Everybody throws their own thing into the mix,” said Pawlak. “It’s slowly evolving into that ‘Culture Shop’ which is pretty cool.”

Pawlak said it’s disheartening to hear people make comments like “Stevens Point is so boring.” Creating a place where people can share and experience new opportunities is the inspiration behind events like “Going Nowhere Fast” and “Punk rock at PABS!”

“If you want something fun to do, do it,” said Pawlak. “Home is what you make it.”


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