Pointerwear Hits the Runway at Fall Fashion Show
One of the comfy sweaters for sale in the University Book Store. Photo by Ross Vetterkind

Pointerwear Hits the Runway at Fall Fashion Show

It’s no mystery where to find collegiate apparel on campus, but it’s a whole different experience watching those clothes come to life.

The University Store and Text Rental hosted its second annual fall fashion show in the Encore of the Dreyfus University Center on Wednesday, Oct. 4.

After the success of the first fall fashion show in 2016, the store decided to harness the excitement and energy of the fall semester by continuing with the event and make it into a yearly attraction.

A stylish men’s jacket. Photo by Ross Vetterkind

The theme of this year’s show focused on purple, silver and glitter set against the industrial backdrop of the Encore.

Compared to the previous year, this show brought even more fashion to campus, showcasing around 60 looks comprised of clothing available in the university store. Categories were athletic, casual, lounge and everyday wear.

The outfits were modeled entirely by student volunteers.

Both men’s and women’s clothing was showcased. T-shirts, hoodies, jackets and dresses made appearances in looks that ranged from cozy to athletic to preppy.

The students’ “looks” too covered a range, some faces serious, some beaming.

After the show, the store planned an after-party where models and attendees had the chance to buy the new clothing that was shown for the first time at the show at a discounted price.

Because many friends and family members of the models come to watch the show, the after-party was “a chance for them to be down here and mingle with their families and friends,” Danielle Rosene, promotions and customer service supervisor for the university store, said.

The most marked characteristic of the fall fashion show is the energy. It is a fun event where people can get excited about clothes and being a Pointer.

A cozy look for both women and men. Photo by Ross Vetterkind

“I’m excited to see the students. We have new students on campus especially with the freshman class and transfer students, and hopefully they attend and see what the campus provides for them,” Rosene said.

Although the university store is constantly visited by students, the organizers like that the fashion show allows the store to explore different areas of campus.

“I’m really excited because we do a fair number of events, but we aren’t one of the groups on campus that is focused around programming,” store manager Katy Horn said. “It’s really exciting for us to be a part of that and be a little more of a part of the campus community when we do events like that.”

The university store is already looking forward to hosting the event next year and get even more students involved.

“The more and more that it grows, the better,” Rosene said.


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