Central Waters to Host Monthly Tap Talks
Central Waters Brewery holds Taptalks, events where discussions on environmental topics are help at the brewery. Photo courtesy of Max Pixel

Central Waters to Host Monthly Tap Talks

A central Wisconsin brewery, Central Waters, is hosting a series of science-themed presentations and discussions called Tap Talks.

The event will happen monthly, always with a new theme and presenter.

“Our goal is to just branch out into all the different areas of the sciences,” said Paul Graham, president of Central Waters.

The talks take place right at the brewery.

“We have a nice little ‘conference’ room, but it’s actually a part of the taproom, which has all the audiovisual equipment that our presenters will need,” Graham said.

The room can comfortably hold 30 to 40 people, Graham said, but it has large sliding doors in the back, so there are overflow options.

The first of these public presentations took place on September 10. It was given by Shelli Dubay, associate professor of wildlife at the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point. The topic was nest success in whooping cranes at Necedah National Wildlife Refuge.

The second discussion about composting practices was lead by Rob Michitsch, associate professor of soil and waste resources, on October 1.

Graham said, “We’ll probably give some presentations ourselves, so people can learn the science of beer and the microbiology of beer, you know. There are so many different facets of brewing that I think a lot of the general public is interested in.”

The idea of hosting Tap Talks has been in the making for some time now.

“Somebody approached us with the idea, a guy named Jon Steigerwalt,” Graham said.

Steigerwalt has been helping suggest topics and professionals to present. 

“We’d been bouncing the idea around for probably about five or six months before it actually came into fruition,” Graham said.

Tap Talks will be happening only in the fall, because that is when tourism is in its off season.

Graham said, “Our retail business slows down a little bit, which gives us the opportunity to do things like this.”

Graham said the Central Waters staff is excited for the rest of the Tap Talks events.

“It’s a combination of two of our favorite things: science and beer,” Graham said.

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