Laye Murashi is the Local Rapper UWSP Needs
Laye Murashi will be performing in the Encore with WebsterX on Oct. 19. Photo by Ross Vetterkind

Laye Murashi is the Local Rapper UWSP Needs

Passion is one of the most important parts of making music. It gives music more meaning and power. Any person truly passionate about making music is worth paying attention to. Phil Scott-Dotson is truly passionate about making music.

On Thursday Oct. 19 at 8 p.m. Scott-Dotson will be performing at the Encore Room of the Dreyfus University Center.

Scott-Dotson, known by his stage name Laye Murashi, is a senior sociology, entrepreneurship and business triple major.

Oct. 19 will be the fifth time Laye Murashi will be performing at UWSP, but he has been performing since he was fifteen and has been rapping since he was eleven.

“At 11, it was just fun. I just freestyled. I just heard beats, and I heard things on the radio and just thought, ‘Okay, I’m gonna rap over this even though they’re singing or what not. It was just cool and my friends, we used to do it at the table,” said Scott-Dotson.

By 15, Scott-Dotson realized he wanted music to be his career.

UWSP student rapper Laye Murashi. Photo by Ross Vetterkind

“We went from being at lunch tables to me just taking it really seriously, and plus I needed something to go to because I didn’t like venting to my girlfriend. I didn’t like venting to anybody, so I would just like to be enclosed and keep to me. And I would write, and that’s how I worked through all of my problems, and I ended up actually getting out of the hood,” said Scott-Dotson.

It took a while for Scott-Dotson to find his persona, Laye Murashi. His name started as L8ye.

“I was thinking of something laid back like L8ye because I’m a chill person,” said Scott-Dotson.

L8ye stood for Last “Beyond Good and Evil” Years of Excitement.

“Six stood for evil in Biblical terms, and 7 stood for good… And the 8 stood for beyond that which means channeling between the good and the bad. Everyone has good intentions but sometimes look bad and some have evil intentions but pick good,” said Scott-Dotson.

Unfortunately, Scott-Dotson had to change his name because people kept believing that L8ye was pronounced like “lady.” He changed to Laye Murashi. Laye stands for “Last Advanced Years of Excitement” and Murashi stands for “warrior” in Japanese.

Since he began his musical journey, Scott-Dotson has released around 300 songs. He was written every one of his songs and produced most of them. He has worked with other producers from all around but it is mostly just him creating music about what he knows.

“My struggles. I just wanted to be better. I never really had an outlet to take my stress out on or anything personal I could take my stress out. I used to listen to music like Lupe, Kid Cudi, Eminem and Lil Wayne,” said Scott-Dotson.

Scott-Dotson is sure that the concert on Oct. 19 will be a unique and fun experience for everyone that comes.

“I can have ten people and still perform like it’s a thousand,” said Scott-Dotson.

Laye Murashi will be performing with WebsterX and Max Traffic.

Music by Laye Murashi is constantly being pushed out and uploaded to Soundcloud and Bandcamp.


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