Waterski and Wakeboard Club Makes Splash
Wakeboarding combines the skills of surfing, water skiing, and snowboarding. This photo by Pixabay is licensed under CC0.

Waterski and Wakeboard Club Makes Splash

As most students are aware, the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point offers an incredibly wide variety of clubs to join, appealing heavily to the immense range of interests across the student body.

One club that has achieved the Stevens Point Involvement Network’s main goal of a tight-knit bond and a fun environment over the past several years is the Water ski and Wakeboard Club.

The SPIN-sponsored club consists of exactly what would be expected: individuals participating in what they love.

On top of weekly practices and splashing in the water, the team participates in occasional tournaments.

Although Stevens Point has never been a predominant powerhouse, participating in the National College Water Ski Association competition. They often go up against UW-La Crosse, UW-Eau Claire, UW-Platteville and Marquette, as well as teams from Iowa, Minnesota and more.

This season, beginning in early September, the Pointers took part in the Hawkeye Ski fest in Evansdale, Iowa over the span of Sept. 9-10. Placing ninth of ten teams, the team took away more than just results from the three-event tournament.

The three events in the tournaments are slalom, trick and jump. Slalom is an obstacle course for skiers. This event offers buoys that the skier must get around as the boat speeds up, or the skier falls. The longer the distance, the better. In trick water skiing, the skier is scored on the tricks pulled off during a run. Finally, jump water skiing is the most technical of the three events, as it takes much concentration and skill. The skier must attempt to quickly jump, move and maneuver during a run.

Tournaments in the NCWSA consist of many events outside of the water.

There are activities that usually involve campfires, themed hangouts and socializing among all competing teams.

The idea of the tournaments is for members to learn more about the sport, bond with teammates and opponents and try to develop both their knowledge and skill of water skiing.

The team does not have many upcoming meets scheduled, because the water is soon to freeze over in the Midwest. But the bonding and fun is just beginning. Come spring, regional and national competitions begin, which is where the best and most entertaining skiing occurs.

More information is available on the Water ski and Wakeboard Club’s SPIN website.


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