Chef Kenny: Helping Students Reach A Healthy Lifestyle
Chef Kenny came to campus to discuss healthy lifestyles. Photo courtesy of CPS Dean's Office

Chef Kenny: Helping Students Reach A Healthy Lifestyle

When starting college there are many adjustments that each student might make. A change in a sleep schedule, the amount of studying, and when to eat. However, many do not focus on what they are going to eat and how it will affect their bodies.

For many, this results in the “freshman 15” and an unhealthy lifestyle. However, the College of Professional Studies decided to do something about this problem and bring in a celebrity chef to do it.

Chef Kenny Minor is an author, chef and entrepreneur from New York City. After being featured on the Food Network series Chopped, he began an outreach program called “Eat for Life” to help create a healthier lifestyle for at-risk youth. Hoping to help both struggling and aspiring students, the chef was brought on campus to do a variety of events centered around creating a healthy lifestyle.

Chef Kenny talks to a student after his lecture. Photo courtesy of CPS Dean’s Office

From Sept. 21-Sept. 22, Chef Kenny held events ranging from a “Smoothie Demo,” to a Q&A session for prospective students. Each event focused on helping students transition to a healthier lifestyle, informing, or demonstrating a new healthy technique.

According to the College of Professional Studies, the event “Smoothie Demo,” allowed students to learn new smoothie recipes like the “Going Green Smoothie” and the “Very Berry Turmeric Smoothie,” and of course, there were free samples!

“When you eat for life in the “Now,” food becomes a way to connect with your truest self and your health goals,” said Minor on his webpage, located on Vimeo.

However, these events did not just focus on the food aspect of health. One of the goals of Chef Kenny’s outreach program is to help others transition into a healthy lifestyle with exercise too. At the events, he described many exercises that are beneficial to the body and why they will work well.

“As a family and consumer sciences major, I thought his events were very interesting. He made me feel very excited for my future career” said a student who attended Chef Kenny’s Q&A event.

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