In Other News, New York Times Partnership Dropped
The New York Times logotype. This image by The New York Times is in the public domain.

In Other News, New York Times Partnership Dropped

The New York Times subscription was dropped from the College Readership Program this academic year.

Last year, the Student Government Association decided to cut the New York Times subscription from the college readership program to save money after a price increase.

Jordan Farrell, SGA Budget Director, said, “the price of the New York Times subscription went up by about 43 percent.” Because of that, SGA wouldn’t have been able to provide as many copies for students and therefore, the decision was made that they would cut the subscription.

“It was a give and take decision. SGA weighed the options then moved forward with the best choice,” Farrell said.

“On one side, the New York Times is a credible and popular newspaper but we need to spend that money sensibly.”

Farrell said, “each year the President and Vice president work with a USA Today representative to decide what is included with the contract.”

Originally the package included the Times subscription, USA Today, and a trial basis for a media subscription app.

“We at SGA feel that because every student pays into segregated fees, it should be used as effectively as possible,” Farrell said.

While the readership program lost the subscription, it’s vacancy is saving money that can be used elsewhere. As the budget director, Farrell manages the different funds on campus like the city bus contract which allows students to use their ID’s to ride for free as well as funding for student organizations, deciding what segregated fees go towards to help benefit the campus.

Farrell added that if students ever want to voice their opinions or concerns they can attend the public forums at the senate meetings. SGA welcomes students to come in and talk. Meetings take place every Thursday starting at 6:15 p.m.

“The more student voice and opinion we have, the more we can better benefit the student body.”

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