Just inCASE You Didn’t Know about the New SIEO
Campus Activities and Student Engagement, otherwise know as CASE, has restructured itself from last year. Photo by Ross Vetterkind

Just inCASE You Didn’t Know about the New SIEO

Two of the universities largest programming units, Campus Activities, and the Student Involvement and Employment Office have merged to create Campus Activities and Student Engagement, CASE.

The merge took place when Susan Lebow, the previous Assistant Director of SIEO, took a new position. Due to budget cuts associated with declining enrollment, the decision was made to merge SIEO with Campus Activities rather than hire externally.

Before the merge, Campus Activities oversaw Centertainment Productions, the Basement Brewhaus and many other spaces and events around campus.

SIEO coordinated volunteer events and service trips, as well as ran the student employment page, Quest.

Greg Diekroeger, Assistant Director of CASE, said the merge “has actually created a lot more synergy for all of the areas. We are being forced to make sure that we are being really efficient in providing the services and programs to students, and when we combined our sources we were able to analyze everything we were doing a little bit more and share our resources a little bit more.”

The merger has also created more outlets for event promotion. Leigh Jentz, program assistant, mentioned that the CASE office was open during welcome week’s DUC house party.

The party which had previously been put on by Campus Activities, did not feature SIEO until this year, where the old office was open and offering cotton candy, photo booth, and trivia wheel to students who participated.

Diekroeger said the merge will only benefit students.

“We are examining everything that we do from employment to entertainment to student organizations to all the educational opportunities, we’re trying to make sure that there’s still a good offering of them all, there’s more resources for us to put behind all of those things so students are definitely benefiting.”

The merge has made CASE a great resource to help students get involved on campus and in the community.

Diekroeger said, “We have a lot of great services we can provide for students down here, so encourage people to stop by and see how we can help them out, getting connected to their campus.”


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