A Cappella Is Coming Back with a New Group
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A Cappella Is Coming Back with a New Group

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point A Cappella Club is gearing up for a great 2017-2018 season with a brand new group.

UWSP A Cappella has not been around for long. It got its start in the spring of 2015, but in its short time, it has grown exponentially and become an important part of UWSP.

This year, a fourth a-cappella group was formed, called Sforzando.

“Sforzando is new this year. It was added as opportunity for some students to try some more challenging arrangements,” said Rob Goszkowicz, mathematics and computer programming majors and co-founder of UWSP A-Cappella.

“When I first got on campus in 2015, only On-Point, the male ensemble existed under the Aca-brella. So I attended the a-cappella open mic night and me and a few girls I went to high school with, and a few more people I actually met that day sang and decided to start the Point Pitches,” said Katrina Reigh, junior arts management and drama majors and ensemble representative of the Point Pitches.

“Since then, we have had auditions at the start of every semester and the Point Pitches and the other ensembles on campus have really blossomed and grown,” said Reigh.

After the formation of the Point Pitches, TBA was formed. TBA was created to allow more people to get involved in a-cappella and to have a group that was co-ed.

“This year, we have a new group called Sforzando, and they are also a mixed group,” said Sophia Laabs, sophomore and performer in the Point Pitches.

Sforzando is special in that it was founded for performers that want to try more difficult arrangements.

Together, the four groups are what make up UWSP A Cappella, a club that provides a fun and interesting way to be involved in college.

“I really enjoy the friendships that are made. The girls in my group feel like my sisters. People who enjoy singing should try out. It’s such a fun rewarding experience,” said Laabs.

Auditions for this semester have already occurred, but UWSP A Cappella has auditions every semester. Even if someone is interested in a cappella, but is not sure the groups that have formed is right for them, that student still can get involved.

“The A Cappella organization actually works in a really interesting way. It’s one of the many student organizations on campus and it acts as something that we call an ‘Aca-brella,’ as in ‘umbrella,’ meaning that anyone can create an ensemble under the ‘umbrella’ if they have four people and the roles of a treasurer, president and ensemble representative are filled,” said Reigh.

The first outing of UWSP A Cappella will be in the Alumni Room of the Dreyfus University Center. It will be held on Dec. 2 at 6 p.m.


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