SCULPT Continues Building the Art Community with Glass Pumpkins
The annual glass pumpkin sale is sponsored by the Sculpt student group. Photo courtesy of Dalen Dahl.

SCULPT Continues Building the Art Community with Glass Pumpkins

On Saturday, Oct. 14, beautiful glass pumpkins were put on display by the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point student organization SCULPT and were available for purchase in front of the Noel Fine Arts Center.

This fundraiser is held annually and, despite the windy conditions which made artists nervous for their pumpkins, the students were enthusiastic to talk about their lovely fall creations.

James Lasecke, senior 3D art major, explained how students go about creating the glass pumpkins. He

Volunteers selling glass pumpkins during the sale. Photo courtesy of Dalen Dahl.

said it is a process of blowing a bubble into a mold, then shaping the glass by rotating it and using other tools. The stem is added after the body of the pumpkin is formed.

The pumpkins on display were noticeably unique, providing passers-by with a visual array of different colors and shapes. Their wavy, appealing designs thoroughly impressed community members who were awed by this interesting artwork.

Based on the quality of pieces, one would assume that making the glass pumpkins would be a very long, advanced process.

Lauren Mueller, senior 3D arts major, said, “Each one only takes 10-15 minutes to make.”

Mueller said that with time and practice this process gets easier, giving artists the ability to create a variety of different glasswork.

All of the proceeds made from the pumpkin sales go towards SCULPT. The organization’s mission is to build the community through art and provide professional and educational opportunities to students. SCULPT puts their resources and financial budget towards providing art students with the ability to travel to conferences, bring in visiting artists and more.

“I’ve learned so much from artists who have come here in the past,” said Mueller.

The glass pumpkins come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Photo courtesy of Dalen Dahl.

These artists know how to get their work into galleries and how to give students tips about what to do in order to make the right choices in their own art careers.

Mueller explains that art, and especially glass blowing, have wonderful facilities at UWSP, but after graduation, there’s a sense of “Now what?” With SCULPT, students are able to get the guidance and experience they need to be successful.

Victoria Hansen, senior 3D arts major, said that SCULPT prepares students in a way that classes can’t. Because of fundraisers like the glass pumpkin sales, SCULPT is able to help students grow as artists and prepare them for after graduation.

Hansen said, “There’s a lot of really good professors. You see how much time they put in and how much time they sacrifice.”

These professors serve as role models and are another part of what makes the art students prepared for graduation.

The students all showed pride and enthusiasm about the pumpkins, as well as glass blowing and their careers to come.


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