Galezio Plays Heart Out at Senior Recital
Outside of playing on stage, Keaton also plays in the pep band. Photo by Kim Schliep.

Galezio Plays Heart Out at Senior Recital

On Saturday, Oct. 21, Keaton Galezio, 23, preformed his senior recital featuring his talents on the trombone.

Galezio’s life with music started when he was in kindergarten taking lessons on piano. When he got to middle school, he started band, where he made the switch from the ivory keys to a brass slide.

“My older brother played the trombone so I naturally gravitated toward it,” Galezio said. “I was about halfway through my junior year in college when I fully decided what I will go to school for.”

Galezio is a double major in performance and education.

“For the performance degree, we have to give one and a half recitals. The first recital we share with someone else, but the senior recital is a full recital by yourself,” Galezio said. “I’ve never had to play more than 45 minutes of straight music before.”

Galezio said some of the pieces he played were what he considered standard repertoire that is common for trombones players to perform. But his recital also featured some pieces that he had sentimental value with.

“The final solo I’m playing is a transcription from a song in an opera. A friend of mind once showed me the song and I fell in love with it,” Galezio said. “It goes up into some extreme registers especially at the end, so it’s a piece I’ve been constantly working towards to master.”

The other piece Galezio cherishes that he played in his recital was “Back Home Again In Indiana.”

“It holds a special place in my heart because it’s now sung at the opening ceremonies of the Indianapolis 500. Going to the Indie 500 has been a tradition in my family for years for over 40 years,” Galezio said.

This is Galezio’s last semester on campus as he will be completing his internship at Oostburg High School as a band director.

“I will be working with students in the band and it’ll count for my student teaching for my education degree,” said Galezio.

Galezio’s mom is a middle school band director so he’s happy to use the knowledge he’s gained through her and carry on the tradition as a high school band director.

Galezio said, “I still want to keep playing because teaching will be my main source of income, but I hope to keep playing. Hopefully I can find a community band or theater and play for a pit orchestra.”

Galezio said he’s been playing music for over half his life and he doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

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