Graduating Students Can Add One More Thing to Their To-Do List

Graduating Students Can Add One More Thing to Their To-Do List

Students will now have to apply to graduate on AccesSPoint.

If seniors received an email telling them about the new “Apply to Graduate” tile in AccesSPoint, they may begin the application process there.

Ed Lee, campus registrar, said, “It appears to students who have earned 90 credits.”

Lee also said that this process is common and there aren’t many universities that do it any other way. The process is also for the student to confirm that they are ready and want to graduate.

“Say you find out that you are only a few credits away from completing another major or minor and you only need a class or another semester of classes to complete it, rather than automatically graduate, this allows the students to confirm that they are ready and want to graduate,” Lee said.

Students should review their Degree Progress Report (DPR) at the time of applying for graduation to identify courses or areas that need to be completed. This will ensure they have everything they need to graduate since degree progress reports are only up to date through the 2017 Spring semester.

“We check over the general degree requirements as part of the auditing process as well as check over the graduating requirements while the departments make sure the major and minor requirements are completed,” Lee said.

Megan Betka, a recent alumnus of University Wisconsin-Stevens Point, works as the Graduation Auditor. She checks general degree requirements and education requirements among other items to ensure students are indeed ready to graduate.

“We print off a DPR, the student’s grades and current classes and I look for any minuses or things marked ‘no’ and I highlight them to let them know that they are missing something,” Betka said.

Lee explained that the process is a simple one. When students are ready to apply, they click the tile. From there, it is self-explanatory, and students can complete it easily.

Paige Jacob, senior public relations major, said, “I think the process is almost too easy and too good to be true. You just select the term you are graduating in and make sure all the info on your diploma is correct and hit submit.”

Should students have any questions or confusion about their general education requirements and their university graduation requirements, they can contact Megan Betka at 715-346-2504 or

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