I’ve Got 99 Problems and Parking Shouldn’t Be One!
The metered section of Lot T has been designated as overflow parking. This resolution comes after many complaints of there being too little parking spaces. Photo by Ross Vetterkind

I’ve Got 99 Problems and Parking Shouldn’t Be One!

Many students experience frustration and confusion when it comes to parking on campus.

Students that have purchased parking passes for the year are having problems finding parking spots.

Roughly 2,000 parking permits sold and only 1,600 parking spaces available. The overselling of parking passes is not new but has once again caused tremendous frustration for students.

Some weeks ago, Parking Services sent out an email explaining that students who purchased a parking permit, who cannot find a spot in the designated lots, are able to park in Lot T.

There is confusion among students as to the rules associated with parking in Lot T, when no other parking spaces are available. Photo by Ross Vetterkind

Lot T is a metered lot which is why students may be unsure whether they need to pay the meters to be able park there.

According to Student Government Association, students who purchased a parking permit do not have to pay to park in Lot T, only if they cannot find a spot in other student lots.

Due to the parking confusion, SGA has received over 30 emails from students with parking problems.

From these concerns, SGA sent an email to all students with an anonymous survey which had over 1,570 responses and more than 700 individual comments about their confusions and parking concerns.

Hailey Brabant, junior, health promotion and wellness major, said, “It is not worth spending money on a parking permit. If I pay $154, I should be guaranteed a spot.”

SGA held a town hall meeting on Oct. 9 to hear from students.

At the meeting, SGA Speaker of the Senate, Nellie DeLain, created an Ad Hoc Committee. This committee was formed to review the survey results and create a proposal to address the issues and make parking more convenient for students.

For now, students can continue to park in Lot T, but only if they purchased a permit.


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