Sustainable Humans of Point: Hanna Zakrzewski
Senior, Hanna Zakrzewski. Photo provided by Hanna Zakrzewski

Sustainable Humans of Point: Hanna Zakrzewski

What does sustainability mean to you?
It means understanding where my resources come from and appreciating the processes it took for them to get to me. It means being mindful and critical of my local and global community, whether it be environmental or social issues. It’s living a life that keeps myself and others happy and healthy.
Why do you think sustainability is important?
Sustainability can pertain to many aspects of life; the food you eat, how you travel, what you buy, where you shop, and how you treat others. With a little effort and thought, anyone can be a little more sustainable every day.
In what ways do you practice sustainability in your life?
Instead of studying, I garden and cook food. Just kidding – kind of. I use my bike, I turn the lights off, and I winter proof my home. I really enjoy food preservation like freezing, dehydrating, canning – doing these things lets me enjoy the summer’s harvest in the winter months, and I don’t have to buy as many out of season groceries. The best part is, I’m saving money too!
What do you think people in your community should do to be more sustainable?
Go to the farmer’s market, talk to people different than yourself, be aware of your actions and products you buy, learn how you can save money and energy at home (or in the dorms), and tell your friends you love ’em!

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