Sustainable Humans of Point: Jazmine Bevers

Sustainable Humans of Point: Jazmine Bevers

Jazmine Bevers is a senior communications and forestry management major.

What does sustainability mean to you?

It means creating a world that can sustain not only humans but every other living thing on it as well as its resources through technology, inclusivity and diversity.

Why do you think sustainability is important?

I think it’s important because we are living on a planet with finite resources and a thin veil of a livable climate which is degraded by human activity. We have the capacity to alter our world indefinitely, and I think we are obligated to keep it livable for years to come. 

In what ways do you practice sustainability in your life?

I ride my bike to campus, I turn off the water while scrubbing up in the shower or while brushing my teeth, I keep the lights off when not home. I reduce, reuse and recycle, and I compost.

What do you think people in your community should do to be more sustainable?

Call your local representatives over sustainability matters, join an organization furthering sustainability and vote locally and federally for representatives who share sustainable ideals.


Connor Schoelzel
Environment Sectional Editor

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