Humans of Point
Merita Mehmedi is a junior English major. Photo courtesy of Merita Mehmedi

Humans of Point

Merita Mehmedi is a junior English major.

What’s the best part of winter in Wisconsin? The worst? 

I am originally from Florida, so I never really saw snow growing up, so I would say the best part of winter in Wisconsin is the snow because everything looks so beautiful covered in it and I always get excited for the first snowfall. The worst part about winter is the bitter cold and how I can’t go outside, I usually don’t anyway, but the fact that Mother Nature is forcing me to makes it worse.

What is your favorite winter article of clothing? Describe it. What do you love about it? 

My favorite winter article of clothing is my jacket. The jacket is black and padded and it keeps me warm and comfortable. I love it because it makes me feel like a marshmallow.

What’s your favorite cold-weather beverage? How do you prepare it? 

One of my favorite cold-weather beverages is a french vanilla cappuccino that I make with my coffeemaker because you can’t stay woke if you’re still sleepy and the best thing to complement cold weather is a warm drink.


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