Katie Youngberg Joins CNR Advising Program

Katie Youngberg Joins CNR Advising Program

This semester, the College of Natural Resources at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point welcomed a new face to their advising team.

Katie Youngberg, a UWSP alumna, recently became an advisor for the CNR, where she has begun to help students on the path to achieving their academic and career goals.

Youngberg is a recent graduate of the wildlife ecology program and is well acquainted with the faculty and curriculum. Yet, she has been learning and picking up changes which have occurred since she was a student, such as the university switch to accesSPoint.

As an advisor, Youngberg’s daily tasks circulate around bettering students’ academic experiences and their futures.

Currently, in the midst of a busy advising season, Youngberg is preparing students to register for the classes they need. She is also busy discussing majors and minors, answering questions about courses and credits, helping students find jobs, reviewing cover letters and even helping students find potential research opportunities.

“A lot of it is about involvement,” Youngberg said.

Her love for the field grew when she graduated and realized how much she enjoyed helping undergraduate students.

“Being able to get students passionate about natural resources and the different things they can go out and accomplish is something I love. Whether its jobs or experiences or even hobbies, I get to help them reach these through natural resources,” Youngberg said.

She is very excited to connect students with resources they may not even know about, such as student clubs and organizations. For example, not only is the Wildlife Society a great way for students with similar interests to connect, but a great resource for research and networking.

Youngberg emphasized the research opportunities available by referencing the Wildlife Society’s research projects currently in progress, totaling at over 18 different offerings and possibly even more in the future.

Students have the ability to go out and trap deer, squirrels and other wildlife for projects, an experience very unique to UWSP.

“Just getting people excited, meeting new people, doing things that they were either afraid to do or never have experienced before is very rewarding,” Youngberg said.

She has already learned several skills and has taken away many lessons from being an academic advisor. She continues to stress that one’s passion is important for whatever challenges they take on.

Youngberg plans to continue using her passions to help students achieve their academic and career goals. She is very happy to be back home on the UWSP campus.


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