“Searching for Sustainability” Documentary Premier

“Searching for Sustainability” Documentary Premier

“Searching for Sustainability” is a documentary which addresses the consequences of food production which will be shown on campus on Nov. 6.

This documentary explores relationships between people and resources and provides stories from Wisconsin farmers on this topic. Valerie Dantoin is the creator and producer of the documentary. The director is Dan Bertalan.

Dantoin said, “The generation of millennials inspired me to leave the world in the best shape as possible. In the documentary, a variety of farmers discuss what is sustainable and viewers get to make their own judgement on what is sustainable. I want to make the public conscious and empower them to make more sustainable decisions. ”

Dantoin said the style of the interviewing process and what goes into directing a documentary was a learning experience for her, working with Bertalan. The editing process was also eye opening, she said.

“I didn’t know what being a producer meant, the easy part was coming up with the idea and rounding up the experts, but the hardest part was actually finding funding,” said Dantoin.

The production cost of $125,000 was fundraised through companies and individuals including Organic Valley and Wisconsin Farmer’s Union.

George Kraft is a Professor of Water Resources at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. He is featured in the documentary discussing ground water withdraw and how cow manure management impacts water quality around Stevens Point.

There is no narrator during the documentary but instead the farmers and experts are telling stories through examples.

The documentary will be premiered to the public for the first time on Nov. 6th at 8 p.m. in the College of Professional Studies room 116. Dantoin will be available after the premier to answer questions and facilitate discussions.

This event is open to anyone who is interested in sustainable practices, the study of natural resources, cultivation of crops and livestock grazing, and the Wisconsin farming culture.


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