TLC Ambassadors Promote Learning

TLC Ambassadors Promote Learning

The academic year of 2017-2018 brought many new things including the new honors program.

The program was first attempted in the 1990s, however it did not see the success the university had hoped. Now, the program has changed some.

First and second-year students are eligible to join the new honors program through evaluation of their ACT scores, high school and colleges GPAs and a well-written essay.

Once accepted into the program, students are then able to apply for a housing incentive provided through the University Honors Program by becoming an ambassador with the Tutoring-Learning Center.


Dr. Trisha Lamers, Director of the TLC, said, “TLC Ambassadors are tasked with connecting their peers with academic support resources on the UWSP campus. As part of that, TLC Ambassadors are expected to experience as many of those resources as possible.”

Only 43 out of over 100 students were accepted into the housing incentive for the 2017-2018 academic year.

These selected students received fifty percent off their housing payments and are required to help connect other students to resources on campus and the community for at least five hours a week.

TLC Ambassadors, like all honor students, are held to a very high academic standard.

According to the TLC website, first-year students are required to have a 26-28 ACT score with a GPA of 3.5 at the end of each academic year. Any student scoring a 28 or above on their ACT are automatically admitted into the the Honors Program. Continuing students are required to have a 3.75 GPA at the completion of their first semester. In addition, both must complete at least 12 credits each semester while completing honors curriculum.

However, Honors Program courses are offered along side general education offerings. Once a student completes their general education requirements, the only honors course left they have to complete is a capstone course in their final year of their undergraduate degree.

“The TLC Ambassador program is in a pilot stage. It is likely that UWSP will review the successes and challenges from this pilot experience and adjust the program accordingly to best serve the students,” Lamers said.

The program will be reviewed at the end of each academic year but will undergo an additional review after the completion of each semester.


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