All Tiny Creatures Bring an Evening of Sound and Motion
All Tiny Creatures, an experimental pop group, performed with No Death on Friday, November 3. Photo by Ross Vetterkind

All Tiny Creatures Bring an Evening of Sound and Motion

On Friday evening, Centertainment Productions invited Madison musicians of All Tiny Creatures to come to The Encore of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point as part of their current performance tour.

All Tiny Creatures is an experimental rock band that uses a mix of synthesizer, guitar, bass and vocals, as well as having psychedelic visuals projected behind the band to put on not only an aurally pleasing show, but a visually-intriguing and provocative one as well. While the amount of people in attendance at the show was low, the bands who performed were still able to put on an excellent concert.

The concert opened with a set by Barry Paul Clark, under his solo-project pseudonym adoptahighway.

Clark used a mix of loud but curiously vague, growling, distorted bass guitar playing over heavy, bulging synthesizer loops to create a bizarrely ungraspable but not unappealing sound. His music swelled, sizzled, scratched and droned, combining with the occasional double-exposure, literally moving first-person camera visuals created a swirling, disorienting effect.

As a result of the blurry, distant sounds and slow-motion, often hazy, out-of-focus visuals, the mood was seductive and mesmerizing. If his goal was to induce in the listener-viewer a sense of no-destination wandering in numbed solitude, he succeeded.

After adoptahighway’s set, the stage was given over to No Death. No Death is another one-man project, using slow, flowing synthesizer and more tranquil and simulated visuals than Clark to create a dreamy, long-winded, ambient tapestry of sounds as songs. The music was reminiscent of the senses involved with swimming in repetitive, echoey, murky, oozing sound-fluid—occasionally with a driving bass and drum beat.

Finally, these two musicians came out on stage together and were accompanied by multi-instrumentalist Thomas Wincek to form All Tiny Creatures.  Wincek, hailing from Middleton is the founder of All Tiny Creatures and the only official member. For this tour, he was joined by the other two men. With Wincek on synth and vocals, Clark on bass and No Death on guitar, the trio played a lengthy array of songs ranging from slow and melodic ballads, to driving electronic instrumentals, to funky, upbeat tunes.

The show concluded with the band performing a cover of the song by comedian-musician Tim Heidecker, of Tim and Eric fame, titled “Trump Talkin’ Nukes.”

The concert left the attendees mesmerized and transported for a time, but ultimately brought back to our own precarious present—in other words, engrossed, enamored and entertained.


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