General Degree Progress Reports Appear on AccesSPoint

General Degree Progress Reports Appear on AccesSPoint

Students were notified that general education degree progress reports accessible online starting Oct. 31.

Specific major degree progress reports are not yet complete. The email sent out to all students stated that requirements for majors and minors will be rolled out as they are completed.

According to Ed Lee, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point registrar, 20 years of information and data is being transferred over and it’s not complete yet. October is month 12 of 18 in the timeline of the complete transition of all the DPR information from myPoint to AccesSPoint.

Julie Schneider, advisor for the undeclared majors in the Academic and Career Advising Center, said, “I’ve watched the people rebuilding the DPRs putting in countless hours to get them to where they need to be.”
Students who have taken a look at the new DPRs have noticed there’s a new look to how they can read the DPR information.

Chris Dax, English major, said, “To be honest I try to avoid AccesSPoint as much as possible. I liked it better when everything was in one place. Now I don’t know if I’m supposed to look for things on myPoint or AccesSPoint.”

Lynne Niznik, advisor for the College of Fine Arts and Communication, said, “I really like it. It’s easy to check for graduation requirements.”

Niznik also explained that if any of her advisees don’t understand something or are confused in the transition she is happy to help them and show how things work.

“It’s all right there, you just got to know where to look,” Niznik said.

“I think the DPR is a little easier to understand now than what it used to be. The drop-down features help declutter things and makes it easier to read online,” Dax said.

Schneider said that it works great for undeclared majors because they see the general education and university requirements, but for anyone with a declared major it could be harder as that part of the DPR is still being rebuilt.

“All advisors got a sneak peek at the DPR’s, so we could look them over and fix any errors before they released them to the students. We okayed them before they came out,” Schneider said. “Slowly I think in due time people will get used to it. We just aren’t there yet.”


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