Mike Paramore Talks Relationships and “Embracing Weirdness”
Mike Paramore performing his comedy set at the Encore.

Mike Paramore Talks Relationships and “Embracing Weirdness”

Comedian Mike Paramore performed for a packed house in the Encore room of the Dreyfus University Center on the night of Dec. 1. He irreverently delivered his take on relationships, the differences between men and women and embracing weirdness.

Mike Paramore performing his comedy set at the Encore.

Paramore took to the stage around 8:45 p.m., after a spirited and well-received warm-up from two University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point student comics.

Near the beginning of the show, Paramore made his position on college relationships when he asked students to clap if they were currently seeing someone. After receiving a moderate wave of applause, he let out a baffled “What the [expletive]?!” and spent a while asking audience members about their relationships, light-heartedly ripping into them along the way.

Paramore shed some light on relationships of his own, from witnessing his date tear into a McDonald’s worker over the drive-through intercom to fighting over whether or not you weigh more at night.

Mike Paramore performing his comedy set at the Encore.

Paramore ended his routine with more audience participation, encouraging the audience to share their “weird thing.” Some audience members shared with gusto, some to “ooo”s and “ewww”s from the crowd. These participants were each awarded with a round of applause, encouraged by Paramore, while others were pretty quick to say that they did not think they were very weird.

Paramore left the stage at 9:30 p.m., applauded by the crowd.

Robert Parker, sophomore mathematics, economics and business administration majors, coordinated the event and also served as the MC.

When asked why Centertainment Productions wanted Paramore to visit campus, Parker said Paramore left a great first impression on them.

“We saw Mike last spring at a conference where we book a lot of acts,” said Parker. “As soon as we saw him, we thought he’d do well on campus and resonate with students.”

Parker also said he “thought the show was a great success.”

Parker encourages students to come to the Encore room once more on Feb. 2, to see Janesville native Pete Lee, who has been on The Tonight Show, David Letterman and Comedy Central.

Centertainment Productions is the primary source for student-run entertainment, programming and campus activities outside of the classroom at UWSP. While the calendar for spring events has not been posted yet, students can check out what events will be hosted before this semester ends on their section of the UWSP website.

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