Finals Frenzy Study Session Hopes to Help Students Succeed
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Finals Frenzy Study Session Hopes to Help Students Succeed

As the stress of finals week approaches, the Tutoring-Learning Center is providing students with an additional study resource known as “Finals Frenzy.”

The study session will be taking place on Monday, Dec. 18, from 12 to 8 p.m. The event will take place in Room 018 of Albertson Hall.

The pressure of multiple exams, papers and due dates can be overwhelming for many students, leading the TLC to bring in multiple resources to help with the wide range of problems students may encounter.

For example, many students are assigned a research paper or final paper, in addition to or in place of a final exam. To help those students, the center will have writing consultants on staff during the study session. These consultants will be able to read, review and discuss student lab reports, research papers, final papers or any other writing assignment.

Tyler Olson, sophomore environmental law enforcement major, said, “Having to write a lab report can be really tough, especially when it impacts your grade so much. I’m glad I will be able to go in and have people who really know what they are doing review my paper so I can get that grade I really need.”

In addition, the center will be providing tutoring for students who may need help in math, biology and chemistry. The tutors will help answer last minute questions and review topics that pertain to the students’ finals.

Cole Ciochon, freshman soil and land management major, said, “Because I’m a freshman, I’ve never had tests that were this important and required this much effort. I’m hoping that going to these study sessions will help prepare me and help me feel a little less stressed.”

However, while the center does provide one-on-one sessions throughout the semester, the “Finals Frenzy” study session will be more of a drop-in tutoring style format, similarly to the tutoring service provided on the second level of the Dreyfus University Center.

To help keep students motivated and their spirits high, the study session will not only be filled with learning but also snacks.

The Tutoring-Learning Center will be providing free snacks, such as hot chocolate and coffee to help keep students’ stomachs full and minds a little less stressed.

Tanya Copas, the Tutoring in Math and Science Coordinator, said, “Finals Frenzy is an event hosted by the Tutoring-Learning Center to promote studying for finals in an inclusive, friendly and positive environment.”

The session is open to all students and hopes to help as many students as possible. Whether a student has a quick question or is having trouble understanding a certain topic, all questions are welcomed.

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