Fun and Games Found in Downtown Stevens Point
Stevens Point is home to a number of unique local business, like Tech Lounge. Photo by Ross Vetterkind

Fun and Games Found in Downtown Stevens Point

As the semester comes to a close, students might find themselves looking for affordable entertainment as a well-earned reward for a grueling study session or just something to ease those “finals season” nerves.

Two Stevens Point establishments are on deck to provide for the needy entertainment enthusiast, whether they’re on the lookout for games, comics, new friends or perhaps just a warm cup of coffee.

Galaxy Comics, Games, and More is a small business located on Clark Street in downtown Stevens Point. Photo by Ross Vetterkind

Galaxy Comics, Games, and More, located at 925 Clark Street, is a descendant of Galaxy Hobby in Plover, which has served the Stevens Point area for more than 25 years. Visitors of the store will be greeted by walls lined with board games, card games, comic books and pop culture collectibles in an open, friendly space. The staff are personable, helpful and deeply knowledgeable about their products. Separate from the showroom is a play area, where patrons can play games they’ve brought themselves or borrowed from the shop’s library.

“We always have open gaming at the store,” said Jeremy Mosier, boss of Galaxy. “You can come in any time we’re open. We have a game library full of games that you can always play. We have rotating specials on our clearance table throughout the holiday season. We’ve been bringing in a lot of the newer games that have come out this holiday season. We’re always doing Magic [The Gathering] drafts, casual events, things like that throughout the week. If anything, just check out our Facebook, and you’ve got our calendar right there on the side tab.”

For video gamers and coffee drinkers, Tech Lounge at 1036 Main Street offers a casual, relaxed environment with a coffee bar and all of the latest games available to play right there in the shop. Customers can purchase time to use any of Tech Lounge’s gaming computers, loaded with popular titles, or the newest consoles with any game in their selection.

Co-owner and operator Chad Fisher opened Tech Lounge in 2008, and is looking forward to the establishment’s 10th anniversary in August 2018.

“A big reason people use the store this time of year is to try before you buy,” Fisher said. “You’re making a big investment, whether it’s for yourself or as a gift, when games cost up to $60. We let people try them out before they go and buy them. We’re looking forward to another year downtown. It’s a great community and we love being here. There are a lot of open-minded people in this area and just the right amount of weirdos.”

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