A Gift That Keeps Giving
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A Gift That Keeps Giving

It is always exciting when we see the town decorated with beautiful lights for the holidays and you smell fresh cookies in the oven. However, what makes this time of year the best is the feeling you get from giving, and Professor Rhonda Sprague is a firm believer in giving back.

Sprague believes that if you can’t afford to help financially, give charities some of your time. Her thought process is that the effect giving has on both you and those you are helping will be incredible.

Even giving up an hour of your time to help pack meals can benefit dozens of people around you, making a huge impact.

Sprague encourages everyone to donate either their time, or their money to charities that they feel passionate about, so it allows them to feel more involved. Even if it’s something as small as going to a bake sale and buying a dozen cookies, you’re still helping in some way.

Sprague believes in finding ways to help others, even if it means not working face to face with someone. She calls this the ripple effect, meaning that you may not be able to help someone directly, however by picking the organizations you donate to carefully, you are indirectly donating to more people than you could have ever imagined.

Olivia Pawlak, UWSP student athlete, and her fellow teammates took a few hours out of their day and worked with Habitat for Humanity. The team assisted in building a home for a local family in need. Pawlak believed that it was a humbling experience for the whole team to come together for a fantastic cause.

Something to think about over break is the saying, give presence, not presents. The holiday season is a wonderful time to spend with family, but we should be focused on who we’re spending it with instead of what they’re giving us.

This year, ask your friends or family if they would go out and donate to a local food drive or spend an hour or two ringing bells for the Salvation Army. Any little effort goes a long way, and the gift of giving is more satisfying than opening up presents you might not even need.


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