Club and Intramural Sports Provide Students With Opportunities for Wintertime Involvement

As fall sports come to an end and winter months loom, students looking to get involved with seasonal sports for the upcoming semester are in luck with the change of seasons.

Some students like junior Hannah Keckeisen, who serves as treasurer of the Ski and Snowboard Club, choose to get involved because they enjoy the social interaction aspect of winter sports.

“My favorite part of winter sports is getting to know the people that are also involved,” Keckeisen said. “I have met so many cool people in the past couple of years that have some serious skill. I am lucky to be a part of something so fun.”

For Keckeisen, a longtime snowboarder, the Ski and Snowboard Club offers an opportunity to connect with a community of like-minded people, and it also presents a chance to learn and showcase new tricks.

“The Ski and Snowboard Club is very welcoming and we try to get members to meet other people to go up to Granite Peak,” Keckeisen said. “Going skiing or snowboarding with other people challenges you to do tricks that you might not do otherwise.”

Weekly trips to Granite Peak and other regional destinations are among the perks of Ski and Snowboard Club membership, according to Keckeisen.

“We are offering a weekend trip to Lutsen Mountain in Minnesota, and we go up to Granite Peak weekly. Members can post on our Facebook page and find rides up to Granite daily,” Keckeisen said.

Those interested in joining the club can contact them through their Facebook page or email them at

The Ski and Snowboard Club is not the only club sport operating on campus during the winter months.

Lindsey Reach, Student Manager of the Club Sports Department at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, detailed the range of club sport offerings during the winter months.

“We have approximately 25 clubs who are actively practicing and meeting every month, but we have three clubs in particular who are active during the winter months: Adventure, Curling and Ski and Snowboard,” Reach said.

The best way for students to get involved with club sports, according to Reach, is by utilizing the Stevens Point Involvement Network website.

“Students can join our clubs at any point during the school year. The best way to contact a club is searching for them on SPIN and directly contacting the listed primary contact to receive more information about the club,” Reach said. “If a student doesn’t know which clubs are available, they can email the Club Sports staff at to receive more information on how to get involved.”

Club sports are not the only avenue for involvement in campus athletics during the winter months. Intramural sports offer many additional options for students looking to get involved with wintertime athletics.

UWSP will be offering a wide variety of sports during the upcoming block of intramurals.

Badminton, bag toss, basketball, broomball, curling, indoor soccer, indoor volleyball, log rolling, spikeball, table tennis, trench and ultimate frisbee are among the offerings for Block 3 of UWSP intramural sports, which kick off on Feb. 4.

Sign-up for Block 3 of winter intramurals is currently open and will remain open until Feb. 1 at 12 p.m.

For those interested in skiing and snowboarding, curling, soccer or broomball, there’s plenty of ways to get involved with winter sports this spring semester.

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