Stevens Point Provides Winter Opportunities to Outdoor Adventurers
Snowshoeing is another great way to get outdoors and see what winter has to offer. Photo courtesy of Mitch Barrie

Stevens Point Provides Winter Opportunities to Outdoor Adventurers

It is that time of year when Central Wisconsin begins to feel like the arctic tundra and just venturing to class can feel daunting. Yet, even in these frigid temperatures, the Stevens Point area still offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor adventurers.

One way to get outside is by hitting the slopes.

Downhill skiing is one of a number of activities to stay active and got outdoors during winter. Photo courtesy of Max Pixel

Ski and Snowboard Club is an organization of students who love to do just that. Hannah Keckeisen, junior natural resource planning major and treasurer for the Ski and Snowboard club, said the group rode in Colorado over break and are planning a trip to Lutsen Mountain in Minnesota later in the semester.

In the meantime, the club is riding at Granite Peak.

Keckeisen said, “Usually Granite is going to be the best place to go in Stevens Point vicinity because its really close and it’s one of the nicer hills in the state.”

Keckiesen said that those interested in carpooling to Granite Peak can check comments on the Ski and Snowboard Facebook page and that new members are welcome to join the organization by sending a request on SPIN.

For those who are less than enthused about steep slopes, there are plenty of opportunities for hiking, cross-country skiing and ice skating in the area. The city of Stevens Point is home to four outdoor skating rinks as well as the Green Circle Trail which circles the city with over 20 miles of trails.

Branching off the Green Circle Trail, the Stevens Point sculpture park is a great place for a winter hike.  The sculpture park path weaves through dozens of thought-provoking sculptures. Next to each sculpture is an artist statement providing insight into the meaning behind each piece. It is fun to visit the park in winter when a fresh coat of snow creates an enchanting background for the sculptures.

As January comes to an end, it is time to embrace the remainder of the winter season and the unique range of activities it offers. So, bundle up and head outdoors!

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