Opportunities Abound for Students to Stay Physically Active
The Multi Activity Center is one of many places students can exercise at.

Opportunities Abound for Students to Stay Physically Active

Not being on varsity teams at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point does not mean that students cannot have fun, compete and stay healthy during the winter months. UWSP offers many facilities to students, such as the Cardio Center and Multi-Activity Center.

The Cardio Center, located on the upper level of the building at 400 Illinois Ave., features many different cardio and strength machines.

“I’ve been going to the cardio center for two years. What I like most about the cardio center is that it’s a great environment and never really busy. It provides a means of staying in shape while also going to college classes,” said Andrew Wittmann, junior resource management major.

The Cardio Center also provides variety for student workouts.

“It’s also a great stress reliever,” Wittmann said. “I like to work on my cardio fitness while at the Cardio Center, but they also provide some weight training which is also great to have instead of going to the strength center.”

The rate for an entire spring semester membership for students is $85 dollars, according to the university website, and students can purchase late spring memberships for $50. Some of the free services that a membership provides are sweat and shower towels, day-use lockers and locker rooms, showers, TV and music access.

The Cardio Center is open from 5:45 a.m. – 11 p.m., Monday through Thursday with special hours on Friday and the weekend.

Yoga sessions are also available on Monday evenings and include a free session for students on Monday, Feb. 5, from 4:45 – 6 p.m.

The Multi-Activity Center offers a variety of different activities for students when not in use by the varsity teams. From rock climbing to running to basketball, the MAC offers something for everyone.

“I like the fact that I can use the gym between classes without having to leave campus. Also, being free for students is certainly a bonus,” said senior, David Falkosky Jr., a double-major in accounting and business administration.

“I personally enjoy using the basketball courts, whether it’s just shooting around or playing a pick-up game with the other students,” Falkosky said. “Occasionally, some of the varsity basketball players come in and shoot around with us.”

Open recreation for students is held daily in the MAC from 7 a.m. – 3 p.m., Monday through Friday and is free for students that present a valid student ID.

Free student-only climbing sessions are available Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday from 6-9 p.m. with the presentation of a valid student ID.

The MAC hosts select intramural league competitions such as volleyball, basketball and indoor soccer which let students play in game-like settings with officials and collegiate rules.

“It’s hard to put together a pick-up game of football or trench ball on our own, so it’s nice that the school arranges it for us,” said Nick Myers, senior soil and land management major.

Each “block” of games consists of six weeks of competition and is available twice a semester. Competitions include curling, volleyball, ultimate kickball, trench ball, basketball, soccer, flag football, softball, sentry world golf league, college hockey league, log rolling and more.

Division 1 intramural leagues are competitive, while Division 2 leagues are more recreational.

“The best part about intramurals is that it’s treated like a real game. Most of us aren’t able to play collegiate sports, so this presents a really fun alternative,” Falkosky said.

Prices per team vary depending on the sport, and students can register their teams online by following the links on the university website. The captains’ meeting for each sport is scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 1, to officially register a team and pay the league fee. Details of the meeting are listed on the walls outside the MAC.

These facilities and activities on campus, offer opportunities for students on campus to have fun, improve their health and make new friends throughout the second semester.


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