Say Hello to New Internships and Opportunities with Handshake
Handshake, a new way to connect students to employers.

Say Hello to New Internships and Opportunities with Handshake

Graduating and continuing students looking to build their resumes with applicable experience can now turn to Handshake to discover relevant jobs and internships that will help them gain marketable skills as well as a consistent income.

In the Fall of 2017, the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point switched its online job database from CareerPoint to Handshake.

Handshake, a new way to connect students to employers.

Handshake differs from CareerPoint in that users are prompted to create a detailed profile highlighting their year, major, volunteer experience, employment, marketable skills and even relevant coursework.

This completed profile then assists students in their job searches by recommending opportunities that match their qualifications and interests with employment opportunities that are relevant and engaging.

This switch to Handshake is reflective of a larger move within the UW-System towards the career database and most universities, including UW-Milwaukee and UW-Eau Claire, have already switched.

Shelley Auer, Career Specialist with the Academic and Career Advising Center, said Handshake “helps guide a search, so you’re not starting with nothing, or with everything rather.”

Handshake checks basic student qualifications like major, grade point average, school year and work authorization with employer preferences to show students which jobs they are qualified for without ever having to leave their search results screen.

In addition to recommending jobs based on major, Handshake also creates collections of jobs based on interests outside of work. Collections titled Jobs in Cities with the Best Nightlife, Jobs in Non-Profits, Jobs in Cities for 20-Somethings and Companies with Great Perks are some of the filters students can use when looking for jobs.

“A student should use Handshake for resume development, looking at jobs and preparing for their careers,” Auer said. “When they get ready to graduate and they’re looking for positions, they can find something using Handshake, and then they graduate, they can come back and use Handshake.”

Handshake is available to enrolled students as well as alumni. Enrolled students can log in and complete their profile at

Alumni can gain access to Handshake by emailing Libby Heidmann, Career Outreach Coordinator at the Academic and Career Advising Center.

Auer said, “The more detailed you make your profile, the more likely you’re going to start seeing opportunities that are more interesting to you as a user.”

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