University College Helps Students Succeed
Albertson Hall, where the UC is located

University College Helps Students Succeed

The University College (UC) is one of the five colleges that make up the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. It was established in 2015 and has expanded over the last three years, adding new programs like the General Education Program.

Gretel Stock-Kupperman, Dean of University College, said, “University College is a central place on campus where students can get support on their learning journey. We focus on academic success, resources for research, general education, effective teaching and experiential learning.”

University College is located in Albertson Hall. Dean Stock-Kupperman believes that being so close to the other academic buildings makes collaboration and connection easier. That specifically was why the UC was created, to allow students to have easier access to academic support, with all services located in one building.

Some students may have already worked with some of the departments within the UC including the Academic and Career Advising Center, Tutoring-Learning Center, University Library and Disability and Assistive Technology Center.

Having all of these facilities in one college allows the faculty to have one vision, which is helping the students. Dean Stock-Kupperman said, “It’s a structure that allows us a unified focus on student success and effective teaching.”

The General Education Program (GEP), which is also apart of the University College, houses a large portion of UWSP students in it. Many students either think they know what they want to study, or have completely no idea. This program allows students room to figure that out exactly.

The associate dean and head of the General Education Program, Nancy LoPatin-Lummis, believes that the GEP is very beneficial, especially to those who are unsure about their major. The GEP allows students to explore other majors and take courses that they might not have been able to in high school.

“I would love students to see the opportunities in general education,” LoPatin-Lummis said, “to see it as a way to expand their knowledge and experiment, and try learning new things they may have not gotten the chance to learn about before.”

Even though the University College is not a degree granting college, its departments offer every tool needed by students to get their degrees. The UC faculty strives to help students transition into the university and create strong educational skills to better their education.

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