DIY Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and this is the perfect holiday to celebrate love, happiness and companionship. This is a great holiday to present the ones you love with gifts to express your appreciation. Well, if you are in college, you are probably working with a small budget. In this article, I have compiled easy and affordable, yet memorable Valentine’s Day DIYs.

Date Night booklet


14 all white note cards

Assorted decorative paper (used as dividers)



Hole punch

Binder ring


Design both sides of the note card.

On the front of the card, put one month of the year along with your chosen date night. Then decorate the back (with things such as cute notes or sayings).

There will be two additional note cards left over: one for the title cover and one for the end cover (you could also decorate both of these).

In between each note card, add some decorative paper or photographs.

Punch a hole into the left top corner of the note cards.

Insert your binder ring through the holes of the note cards.

Seven days of love

The purpose of this DIY is to make your loved ones feel loved each day of the week. This DIY is very simple, and cost little to nothing to complete it. All of the supplies used can be bought at Dollar Tree.


Box candy (for example, Skittles, or M&M’s)

A standard Monday–Sunday pillbox



Writing utensils


Fill out & decorate small strips of paper with positive quotes or sayings.

Spit a bag of candy or small snack among the pill box (for example M&M’s or even nuts)

Place each small strip of paper you decorated into each day of the week in the box.

Done !

101 reasons why Mason love jar


Hershey Kisses

Construction paper




Take different colors of construction paper and make heart cut outs.

Take two more and write 100 reasons why you love this person/like this person.

Glue the heart cut outs to the outside of the jar as well as the lid.

Empty the Hershey Kisses in the jar.

Put your 100 reasons paper cut out and crumbled into the jar.

Close the jar, and shake it up.


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