Nominations Due for the University Staff Recognition Awards

Some staff members go above and beyond from their own workload, which is why the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point presents recognition awards. These awards aim to recognize faculty, academic staff and university staff members for their incredible work.

Students have ideas for what makes these members so great. Some students believe that doing more than just normal duties makes them an outstanding staff member. Others appreciate if the work completed exhibited behavior that enhances the workplace.

Samantha Mailhiot, sophomore, believes this ease of communication makes it easier for students to ask for help when they feel connected to any staff member.

University staff members who go above and beyond are eligible for multiple awards dedicated to showing them their deserved recognition and reassuring them of the quality work they are providing.  The Outstanding Work Performance Award, University Staff Service Award and Carolyn Rolfson-Sargis Award are all three such awards.

The Outstanding Work Performance Award recognizes those who continue to take on responsibilities that help enhance the workplace.

The University Staff Service award recognizes staff members that give back to the university and get involved with campus committees and organizations.

The Carolyn Rolfson Sargis Award is an annual award that can be presented to a university staff member who has worked at least 25 years at UWSP.

The university staff recognition awards can be given to any member of the university staff that has helped those within the institution.

If there is a member of the university staff that students think should be recognized, a one-page form should be filled out, which can be found on the UWSP website, and then submitted electronically. Just simply filling out a form can help give university staff members the recognition they deserve. Nominations are due February 14, 2018.

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