Road to the Oscars: Academy Award Nominations Announced

The 90th Academy Awards ceremony is approaching, and film enthusiasts across the world have their eyes on Hollywood as the most critically acclaimed actors and projects from 2017 compete for recognition from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Guillermo del-Toro’s triumphant return to fantasy drama, “The Shape of Water,” accrued the most award nominations, 13 in total. The second most nominations went to Christopher Nolan’s wartime drama “Dunkirk,” which received eight nominations. Dramas are not the only genre represented, however, as cyberpunk neo-noir film “Blade Runner 2049,” sequel to the sci-fi cult classic “Blade Runner,” and action-crime smash hit “Baby Driver” have also entered the arena at five and three nominations, respectively.

The race for the coveted Best Picture award is anybody’s game.

Technical critics seem to be flocking to “The Shape of Water.” Del Toro’s film has already been awarded the year’s Directors Guild of America and Producers Guild of America awards. However, the Screen Actors Guild gave their yearly award for Best Ensemble to drama nominee “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing,Missouri.”

According to Adam Chitwood, writer for movie-news outlet Collider, only six of the last ten yearly winners of SAG’s Best Ensemble have gone on to win Best Picture at the Academy Awards despite actors making up the largest branch of voters in the Academy.

“The 2018 nominees for best picture bring a far more diverse and interesting list of films than I think the Academy has had in a while,” Iain Hood, junior and communication major with an emphasis in media studies and local cinephile, said.

Hood refers to “Dunkirk” and competing wartime drama “Darkest Hour” as the academy’s “bread and butter,” but notes that among the top contenders are coming-of-age stories (“Call Me By Your Name,” “Lady Bird”), stories about coming to terms with tragedy (“Phantom Thread,” “Three Billboards”and films that blend magic and fantasy with social commentary (“The Shape of Water,” “Get Out”).

“Get Out,” former comedian Jordan Peele’s directorial debut, is Hood’s favorite best picture nominee.

“[Get Out] blended comedy, horror and racial issues in a perfect cocktail of atmosphere and terror,” Hood said.

Viewers interested in watching the awards ceremony live can tune in to ABC on March 4 at 5:30 p.m.

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