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The Pointer is a student-run newspaper published weekly at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. The Pointer staff is solely responsible for content and editorial policy.

No article is available for inspection prior to publication. No article is available for further publication without expressed written permission of The Pointer staff.

The Pointer publishes new stories online daily during and is printed Wednesdays during the academic year with a circulation of 3,000 copies. The paper is free to all tuition-paying students.

Letters to the editor can be mailed or delivered to The Pointer, 104 CAC, University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point, Stevens Point, WI 54481, or sent by e-mail to pointer@uwsp.edu. We reserve the right to edit letters for inappropriate length or content. Names will be withheld from publication only if an appropriate reason is given.

Letters to the editor and all other material submitted becomes the property of The Pointer.

  • Anyon Rettinger

    Anyon Rettinger

    I am a Junior at UW-Stevens Point studying Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations. I'm the Online Editor of The Pointer. I write album reviews, listen to a lot of music, have a new found obsession with tea, and I like taking angsty pictures for my Instagram. I travel when I can and like to think I am a good photographer. Most times if you hear noise, its me singing down the hall. I'm an aspiring singer and artist. I am also a member of the Public Relations Student Society of America at UWSP as the Visual Promotions Chair. Follow my social media platforms to learn more about me and my work.
  • Kathryn Wisniewski

    Kathryn Wisniewski

    I am co-Editor-in-Chief for The Pointer and a senior English major. My hobbies include reading, visiting museums, watching Netflix and running.
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  • Connor Schoelzel
  • Dalen Dahl

    Dalen Dahl

    Hi, I'm Dalen; a photographer for the Pointer. I am currently a senior at UWSP majoring in Graphic Design. You will most likely find me in Schmeeckle photographing the deer.
  • Jake Powell
  • Jake Shurba

    Jake Shurba

    I am the new Copy Editor this year for the Pointer! I am a senior in the wildlife ecology program with another year to go. When I'm not working or studying, I love to be outside with my camera or reading in my hammock in Schmeekle.
  • Kevin Bargender

    Kevin Bargender

    New sports editor for the Pointer and communication major with a minor in business administration. You can reach me by e-mail at: kbarg079@uwsp.edu or call/text me at: 715-650-7544
  • McKenzie Noltner
  • Naomi Albert

    Naomi Albert

    I am a junior Natural Resource Planning major with a Spanish minor. I enjoy the outdoors and traveling.
  • Nomin Erdenebileg
  • Olivia De Valk

    Olivia De Valk

    Senior English major. Pretty much only watches bad movies. Mediocre runner. Probably really hydrated.
  • Ross Vetterkind

    Ross Vetterkind

    I am a sophomore at UW Stevens Point and have not yet chosen a major. I was recently hired at The Pointer as a photographer, which allows me to work as well as practice my favorite hobby at the same time. Other hobbies I have include woodworking, hiking and backpacking, and traveling.
  • Steve Hill

    Steve Hill

    Faculty Advisor